(nSiL) nano Structure Integration Laboratory

With the ARI-R2 award from the National Science Foundation for infrastructure renovation, SNF is expanding its footprint to include a new Nano- Structure Integration Laboratory (nSiL). This new lab will allow researchers to integrate “bottom-up” synthetic chemical methods with the "top-down" device processing methods to create new nanostructure-based materials and devices. Specific areas of focus are the synthesis, functionalization, and manipulation of nanoparticles, nanostructures and surfaces. Completion of the infrastructure for the nSiL lab is scheduled for March 2012. With seed funding for shared facilities from the Nanoscale Science & Engineering program, the nSiL will soon be in the process of specifying and acquiring equipment.

Examples of a bottom-up method (masking by self-assembling nanoparticles) used in conjunction with various top-down methods (etching, nanoimprint, deposition).